Professor, Speaker & Development Coach

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Hi, I’m Andria L. Yates, Ph.D. a proud serial entrepreneur with a unique blend of technical and organizational skillsets, but I’ll spare you the formal details and show you how my career has developed over the years, so I can best create and collaborate with you. 

Develop Your Goals.
Elevate Your Skills & Expertise.
Achieve New Heights. 

Development Concepts | Organizational Development

At Development Concepts, our focus is clear: Empowering organizations to thrive through strategic, people-centric solutions that foster growth, efficiency, and resilience.

Reach & Thrive | Learn, Create, and Relate

Reach & Thrive specialized consultancy that supports individuals and groups in personal development. If you are seeking  organizational effectiveness or how to effectively confront career related issues – this is the path for you!

Speaking Events

Our insights, honed through years of practical experience, offer valuable takeaways for audiences seeking innovative strategies to drive success in today’s competitive landscape.

Professor, Speaker & Development Coach

Andria L. Yates, Ph.D.

Hi, I’m Andria L. Yates, Ph.D. and I’m a serial entrepreneur with a unique blend of technical and organizational skillsets, but I’ll spare you the formal details.  Instead, let’s focus on what I’m passionate about: teaching at the University of Tennessee, guiding individuals and corporations through development challenges at Development Concepts, and sharing all this knowledge through public speaking.  While I might not be the most active LinkedIn user, I’m excited to channel my energy into this work after an unexpected detour that’s only strengthened my vision. Stay tuned!

Assess Your Goals.
Develop Your Expertise.
Identify Obstacles & Solutions.

STEP I | Assess

To start, we need to identify your career or personal ambitions – highlighting your current skills, interests, and objectives. By identifying and gaining access to this knowledge, I can better curate resources, and best practices that’ll help you evolve and excel in your career.

STEP II | Develop

In the development phase of the process, we’ll work to acquire new skills, deepen existing ones, and broaden your expertise. This phase is marked by continuous learning, practice, and personal growth. My recommendations will vary by individual in order to best align with your career aspirations.

STEP III | Support

Now we’re to the best part: actionable planning. This part of the process involves creating a step-by-step action plan that outlines the necessary steps to achieve your individual career goals. This includes identifying potential obstacles and developing strategies to overcome them, as well as setting timelines and milestones to measure progress.

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Don’t Just Survive but THRIVE in Your Career

Craft Your Career Towards SUCCESS

Whether you’re a student from the University, a corporation looking for a professional to speak on professional development, or looking for a development coach yourself – I hope to serve as an asset to your career or event. Let’s get started!

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