As a principal, I’ve supported individuals within a work environment in a number of areas.

» Career Assessment, Evaluation & Planning

» Personality, Style & Preference Assessment & Evaluation

» Skill Assessment, Evaluation & Development

» Consultation & Coaching for Goal Setting & Action Planning

» Transition planning for education to career, career to retirement, family life transitions, and more

You can learn more about those specific categories here, but if you are interested in pursuing any of these areas on your own, you are in the right place. Think of this as life integration, not necessarily balancing a life.

Over the last thirty years, both informally and formally, I’ve mentored and coached employees, students, and clients. A single tactical meeting can often meet the objective; in some cases, I’ve worked with others over a year and longer.

For families and small groups, areas of focus are generally around communication and conflict resolution of some sort. Conflict is not always a large explosion; many times individuals in community, whether a family or other small group, are aided when they have an outside resource in navigating in the smaller challenges.

And if a proactive approach is something you seek, I not only applaud that, I recommend it! Think of it like a good diet and exercise as a part of a healthy life. Addressing potential challenges before they erupt, during any life transition, is a healthy approach. Regardless of the issue, we focus on what you most want to accomplish, being clear about goals and actions needed to achieve those goals.

The topics below are some of the most recent requests I’ve received.

» Communication and personal style differences

» Family transitions through the years focusing on adolescent through emerging adult development

» Technology and social-emotional development for people of all ages

If you as an individual or as part of a group are interested in learning more about how I might be of assistance, let’s start the conversation.

Let’s See if We’re a Good Fit…

When you’re ready, let’s have a conversation that focuses on your needs, whether that carves a pathway to the career you aspire to, solves a dilemma, provides a talk to inspire, or reframes the mosaic of your life.

Together, we’ll collaborate to achieve your personal and professional goals.

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